Open Access Centre's Frequently Asked Questions

The Open Access Centre has 9O computers, completely free to use ~ just drop in and log on.

When are you open? Monday ~ Thursday : 8:3Oam ~ 7pm
Friday : 8:3Oam ~ 5pm & During Holidays : 9am ~ 5pm
We are not open at weekends but the Library is open Saturday : 1Oam ~ 4pm
When is it most quiet? After 3pm the Open Access Centre is usually pretty quiet; if there any students you think are being too noisy or disruptive to your study, please let us know at the desk so we can challenge any anti-social behavior.

Can I eat & drink while I work? We allow drinks (including warm drinks) and snacks but we do not allow hot or smelly or greasy or messy food (such as hotdogs, burgers, pizza, pasta, subways, chicken). Please respect other students by using the bins.
How do I log on to a computer? When you join the college your password is set as your date of birth. Your username is the first three letters of your surname and then your student number, for example:
Logging on for the first time your password will be your date of birth.
We do suggest you change your password to something private ~ on any college computer, press the CONTROL, ALT and DELETE keys together to change your password.
Why can’t I log on? If you are having trouble logging on speak to the assistant at the desk in the Open Access Centre where you can solve most account problems & have your password reset. Always remember to log off by signing out, rather than shutting down ~ or you may find you cannot log in to a different computer.
Remember to Log Off or Sign Out
Where do I save my work? From your college email, it's easy to set up your OneDrive cloud where you can save your files & access your work at home or at college or wherever...
College One Drive cloud is the best place to save your work.Here, also, you can use the online versions of Word & Powerpoint. Once you've joined a cloud, you’ll see that OneDrive becomes one of your usual places to save. You can also save your work to your Documents folder on the G drive.
Never save anything to the desktop or the Local Disk C drive. It will be deleted.
Never save only to a memory stick: they are easily lost or damaged & they are sensitive to dust, moisture & temperature. Always save your work to somewhere safe as well.
How do I open my college email? The college email software is called Microsoft Outlook. Log in to the Chi Online website, go to Student Area & pick Student Email (you also have an Outlook icon on your desktop).
Email identity @ stu.
Your college email gives you access to your OneDrive cloud with 1OOOGB of space to save your files & access to free online versions of Word, Powerpoint, Excel, Access, and OneNote.

Can I use Word at home? Chichester College offers you a free download of the complete Microsoft Office 365 software: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Access, OneNote & Publisher.
Download Office 365 Pro Plus for PC or Mac:
Log in using your student email address and your usual password then click Install.
Download Office Mobile for iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows Phone: open the App Store on your device and search for Office Mobile (published by Microsoft). For more information go to

Notes: Install OFFICE 365 on up to five devices. The software will remain licensed while you remain enrolled as a student. To remain licensed you must connect your device to the internet at least once every 30 days. The software is solely for your own use as a Chichester College student for your academic work. The license is not transferable and it must not be shared with anyone.

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How do I log on to ChiOnline or C-Space? Use the same username & password you use to log on to a computer.
How do I connect to the WiFi? On your phone or laptop look for the eduroam network. Identity:
Password: your usual password.
Leave anonymous identity blank. On some versions of ANDROID you may need to add... EAP method: PEAP & Phase-2 authentication: MSCHAPv2. Any problems connecting your wireless device to the eduroam Wi Fi network, just bring it along to the desk and we’ll be happy to help.
My computer doesn’t have the software I want. To make our computers faster, not every computer has every program. If you need specialist software for your work please ask at the desk and we can show you which computers are dedicated to SAGE accounting, Engineering, Animation or the complete ADOBE suite. On any computer, you can download desired programs by opening the Application Catalogue on your desktop.
You can download specialist software with the Application Catalogue icon on your desktop.
Can I book a computer? Want to use particular software? Or just want that special spot by the window? To guarantee your place, you can book any computer in the Open Access Centre or the Library through Chi Online. Book a computer now :
Which printer do I use? Print your files to Follow Me Student. Log in to any college printer with your username & password to RELEASE your work. Note: you cannot print directly from a device (memory stick, smartphone, laptop, etc), you can only print from a college computer.
Print your work to Follow Me Student.

How do I print in colour or change the size?
Just under Follow Me Printer is a small link to PROPERTIES. Don’t waste precious print credit, feel free to ask for help at the desk if you are unsure.
Click Printer Properties to print in colour or change the size.

How much does it cost to print?
A4 Black & White 2p A4 Colour 2Op
A3 Black & White 4p A3 Colour 4Op
Photocopying: A4 Black & White 5p A4 Colour 2Op
A3 Black & White 1Op A3 Colour 4Op
Scanning: Free. A JPEG or PDF is emailed to you.
Note: for students that do a lot of printing, the Reprographic Print Shop on campus offers a discount: £1O print credit for only £7.
How do I buy Print Credit? Buy print credit with the machine next to the desk in the Open Access Centre. Log in with your usual username & password and insert your coins. The machine takes: 10p, 20p, 50p, £2 and old £1 coins only (not 5p, 2p or 1p coins or Notes or Cards). This machine does not give change or take new £1 coins.
Can I buy print credit with a card? On your desktop (at the top, on the right), click the green Print Credit box; this opens PAPERCUT which lets you make a digital payment with a debit/credit card.
Print Credit machine is next to the desk in the Open Access Centre.
How do I scan? Log In to a printer then choose EMAIL. The scan will be sent to your college email but you can change this to a different address. Your scan options are: Colour or Black and White, JPEG or PDF, Single or Doubled sided, Size, Landscape or Portrait, Quality (dots per inch) & Subject title.
How do I photocopy? Log In to a printer then choose COPY. Your copy options are: Colour or Black and White, Single or Doubled sided, Size, Landscape or Portrait, Quantity (how many). You can ask at the desk for help with more complicated copying such as changing the quality or making prints bigger or smaller.
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